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“Sa Paropakinabang kan mga Santos” ni Kristian Cordero

“Sa Paropakinabang kan mga Santos” ni Kristian Cordero

I have been reading about Kristian Cordero and how his writings have sparked a new Renaissance for Bikol literature, especially of it’s own brand of poetry, the rawit-dawit.

I admit I have not been very diligent in searching for things, but chatting around anonymously with polyglots, writers, and artists of various sorts while working out an AV for Pagkasulnop Minabangui“, I felt a little more encouraged to finally sit down and search for resources about this emergent literary hero of our region.

Discovering a podcast of Cordero reading 4 poems via the PCIJ network, I feel disappointed.

YES. I feel so disappointed, that I did not seek to know of his works earlier; for, I have several times set it aside and ignored everytime I came across a link that talks about him and his writings. I have read his blogs on Santigwar previously but with a great deal of inattention, out of sloth to study words and meanings–a sentiment that is true as with the works of all the other Bikol writers.

Today while still there are words I am not quite familiar with, having listened to Sa Paropakinabang kan mga Santos, I discover the profoundness that everybody else is speaking about. I admire how his works bear that characteristic Bicolano humor and wit that reflects contemporary reality and a distinctly Catholic religious sense, wielded in a simple yet compelling arrangement of words and ideas: a wisdom which I used to only hear from conversing elders and priests in our churches.

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