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diit na birik na naman sana,
ang orasan mahudyat na
sa katahawan kan banggui
giraray mapupukaw
ang mga ideyang hinihidaw
sa otro magkakaharagilap
asin surunudan magkakapralastar
magiging mga tataramon na
kun bako liwanag sa diklom
magkukulay na mainit o malipot
sa itom na interface kan laptop
na kabanga naka open an Facebook
kabanga an naka bukas MS word


just a little more forward movement
the minute-hand will strike twelve in a moment
and once again these ideas
which we all yearn to arrive and ensnare
will all be around and found present, capturing them,
by the letters they will be grouped in words
to ignite sparks in the middle of this darkness
or stain the glass screen with cool or warm hues and shades
that will be impressed hard and imprisoned on the black interface of the laptop
viewed in split windows of Facebook and Microsoft Word.

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