An Elegy for A Friend Dying Young

An Elegy for A Friend Dying Young


while you have your own tears to shed,

you gave me your hanky to dry mine

while a stranger before you,

you opened before me

the life you keep a secret.

while beyond the walls of the infirmary

and a hundred miles away from you

your heartaches were mine

and prayers were all I had for you

while spring brought out the sun

it always rained above the trysting bench

and every night that passes,

we count the stars that grace our lives,

and every day that comes,

we are happy for the light that continues to shine,

until the summer sun came down,

with splashing waves across the oceans,

and you heard your name called out loud,

and as who you are, you did abide,

while your name was read from the Book of Life.


To my dear young friend who recently passed away,

a fair youth with a gifted mind and a serving heart, you who knew how to love well….

his mom, his best friend, the girl she loved the most, all the people who knew and loved him….

and all those who find themselves in the same heartrending places of terminal illness and death…
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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