Skills Inventory & Training-for-Work-Scholarship Application

Skills Inventory & Training-for-Work-Scholarship Application

Use this form to get included in our skills inventory, scholarship opportunity, and job matching pre-listing. All profiles and application requests are screened and processed by the assigned Commission on Social Concerns Subcommission on Social Action and/or Youth Social Apostolate representative of your parish through the office of the 2nd Vicariate Commission on Social Concerns and the Diocesan Social Action Center (SAC Legazpi). Thank you.

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IMPORTANT: Before you fill out the information below, please review the Courses to know more about the required skills and competencies for the training.

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Please review all information you entered in this form before clicking the SUBMIT button. Once received, your information will be processed by the assigned PCSC Volunteer in your parish. Please stay connected with us through this page and through your email. You may also visit your Parish Pastoral Council Office for further assistance. God bless you and your family!

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