When you’re a writer and a dyslexic

When you’re a writer and a dyslexic

The most difficult tihng for wirters is to wrtie,
but for dyslexcis, it is to more than twice the challenge! :))

When I was in college, I worked as feature editor of a campus publication. I also joined a number of contests and was considered a champion, even when I wasn’t always the biggest winner.

I’m good at spelling, that is a strength that my teachers have always seen in me since grade school.

But when during a poll for the university and college student council, I was casting my vote and signing to my name, a wryly teacher who was commissioned to watch the polls shouted at me:


pointing hardly at the numbers i wrote: I got it all wrong, but I was sure to have written it right. but when I checked, the numbers are interchanged. It was humiliating. Everybody in the room heard it. The thing is, nobody except me has ever really noticed that I was experiencing symptoms of it.

I OUCHED n the name of my editorship, by the certificates I have at home that says I am Best in Spelling in my batch.

I stared at that teacher with blank eyes and as I turned away, I said in an audible voice,

Einstein was a dyslexic, so what if I am??

That wasn’t very good mannered all right and I realized that immediately after but what I’m saying now is that, I’ve come to the point of acceptance and I’ve been struggling through it, but since I don’t have medical or scientific records to prove, I am good as not. Hahaha.

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