Reading MLK and rediscovering contemporary Asian Lit

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Reading MLK and rediscovering contemporary Asian Lit

Weekend had me busy with other things and so I’m catching up tonight with MLK’s weekend poetry. Marne L. Kilates gave a name and a face for my “favorite Filipino poet”. Definitely a master of his craft! There are a lot of reasons my poetic senses become so alive each time I read him up and this would count as one:

“Black granary god,
Sitting on my Taiwan-made
Plastic rice dispenser,
With your namesake
From conquered nations
And our checkered history,
Bless our crossover meal of Thai rice,
Laing pasta, siomai, mami.”



by Marne L. Kilates on Friday, 29 October 2010 at 23:21
* * *
As I have previously stated, this blog takes a whole new direction in that it devotes itself to the appreciation of Bikol literature and language.

Nevertheless, it does not turn away from its own self, which is multicultural and linguistically diverse. The predilections of readership and study will and always bring me to look out of the window and imagine what the people of Rabindranath Tagore, of Albert Einsten, of Jacques Derrida, and of Sir Francis Bacon have been painting with their words.

Then, tonight, as I sit upon MLK’s train of thoughts, the conversations I overhear draw me towards a lucid dreaming of what neighboring cultures have been writing about. For, while I refer to the continental for theories and structures of thought, I have always had a ready preference of reading through the works of the Oriental cultures and heritage.

On my research, I have been coming across several Asian names over the last few weeks but I have not had the opportunity to bookmark their pages or at least recall them. I remember today, the names of Asian writers like Naseer Ahmed Nasir and Mamta Agarwal.

So then, after a refreshing weekend poetry from the master of ekphrasis, I switch to bookmarking the pages of these other noteworthy writers of our time and age.

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