of a sinner called to paradise

of a sinner called to paradise

here was a voice in my head, it asked something of me.
I said, I don’t know. why do you ask of me?

then, there were other voices in my head…

am I out of my sanity that I am hearing this voice in my head telling me of the things to come, showing me visions of the past, the present, and the future?

I was, in my mind, seeing a lot of things, many of which I dnt want happening in real life.

…if matters of life and death are based on faith, then I shall not believe in any of these, so that they shalln’t come true.

I didn’ t believe then coz I didn’t want to.

but my myopic previsions never ceased to come to me.

and, one by one, each vision started to become a reality.

the voices in my head,
they kept telling me not to listen
to the voice in my head,
that voice telling me not to listen to the voices in my head…

leave me alone! my soul pleaded…
I’m tired. I just want to rest.

whom of you shall give to thee thy plea?

then the voice in my head hushed.

i supposed the voice was abstaining from the bidding.

but as it hushed, i started to hear
a sound so soft, so sweet, so serene…

I am listening to it.

My soul is finding rest.

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