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Cappuccino Express

Cappuccino Express

After all the boredom of a non-laborer, something worth the running has finally come along my path, and I THANK GOD SO MUCH for this privilege I’m starting to enjoy.

Many of you have known me for being that aspiring young writer but very few of you must have known that I wanted to be a space scientist when I was way younger…now I realize that even fewer seem to know what dreams my heart desire most to come true…well maybe because I also didn’t bother much about owning it…I have in the past contented myself at only wishfully gazing….and somehow, somewhere along the roads I’ve been to, that dream had been set aside too often it’s gotten very close to being unremembered….but these past few days, that dream revealed itself to me so suddenly like a resurrection of sorts and though I may not yet be ready to tell the world in words, I know I’m ready to show the world that I have that dream and with and by the grace of the Lord, I trust that the next episodes of this life are all full of promise

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